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Don’t skip these necessary steps during the morning skincare process

Meta: In the morning skincare, when you make the following mistakes, your skin will become ugly and cause rapid ageing. So, let’s click on the link read carefully and take note.

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Morning is an essential time for you to care for, improve and protect the skin. If you make a mistake when doing the skincare routine in the morning, your skin will not look vibrant or even worse. Here are the common mistakes when skincare in the morning, you need to know so that the skin will be beautiful every day.

Morning routine in skincare is really important

Only wash your face with water

Many people think that at night we are not exposed to dust, so in the morning just washing your face with water is enough to clean. But this is entirely wrong, although not exposed to dust, at night our skin is still oily. Besides, bacteria from our hair, pillowcases and other things can accumulate on our surface. At this time, just washing your face with water will not be able to clean the skin thoroughly, if you continue to apply the cream on it will only make the skin clogged. Instead, use a facial cleanser.

Use the wrong anti-ageing products

For effective and effective anti-ageing, you need to know when to use products containing ingredients such as AHA / BHA or retinol. These names will help remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin regeneration, making your skin more sensitive in the sun.

Instead, your skin will be more easily regenerated, regenerated at night so you should save AHA / BHA and retinol for the evening, do not use in the morning.

Skip products containing antioxidants

In the early morning, products with antioxidant ingredients will work to protect each skin cell. More specifically, they help us counteract the effects of free radicals and the impact of the external environment. Then the skin will be optimally protected. Therefore, you should not only apply them in the evening but also essential early in the morning.

Throughout the day, antioxidants will protect your skin from free radicals and environmental damage. Therefore, a bottle of vitamin C serum will be an excellent choice for the morning skincare process and for vitamin C to work optimally, apply this product before moisturiser and sunscreen.

You put a few drops of serum on your hands, then use your hands to rub all over the face. Combine gentle massage to moisturize the serum deeply into the skin and promote the effect. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, use a small amount of about 1-2 drops of serum.

Forget to use sunscreen

Sunscreens act as a shield, protecting the skin from UV rays – the leading cause of ageing and pigmentation. In particular, UV rays are always present in the air, and whether it is sunny or cloudy, they can penetrate walls and doors. So even if you don’t go out, you have to wear sunscreen every day.

You should apply sunscreen on the face and body for 30 minutes before going out. If you go swimming or go on a picnic, apply sunscreen every 2 hours. Apply the cream on all places exposed to light, including ears, neck, back, legs, and hands.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen

Forget using toner to help tighten pores

Toner is skin-balancing water that works to clean, moisturise and tighten pores. Toners are not only made from rose water but also extracted from many other natural ingredients such as chamomile, green tea, herbs, and so on. You should not skip this step if your skin is acne, dark or rough and dry.

You just need to put a little toner on your hands, apply it all over your face, and avoid the eye area. Then, gently pat the skin with your fingertips to make the toner penetrate faster and more profound. You should use a toner right after washing your face. At this time, the skin still has moisture so that it will absorb nutrients better.

All in all

The steps of morning skincare may vary depending on weather conditions and skin conditions. In the fall and winter, your skin will need more hydration because the skin is more likely to dry out. In the summer of spring, you should not apply this layer of cream too thick will easily cause skin blockage and acne.

You guys can skip the sophisticated makeup steps, but never forget to take care of skin every day. If you do your morning routine, you won’t have to worry about acne or sunburns any more! We wish you have a healthy skin.

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