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Top tips for skincare in the eye area so you can always be confident in your beauty

Meta: If you don’t want to look older than your age, you must stop the risk of aging around the eyes with the top tips in this article. Let’s read them carefully.

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The skin around the eyes is usually the first place to show your age with signs such as sagging skin, sunken eyes, crow’s feet or eye creases, etc. On the contrary, if you maintain the firmness and smoothness of the skin around the eyes, your appearance will be more youthful and radiant. And to avoid the prospect of getting older than you are, keep in mind the following skin care tips below.

Don’t skip this area when you do skincare

Don’t rub eyes

Few people know that the seemingly regular habit of rubbing their eyes can cause us to look older than our age. The act of rubbing the eyes will create pressure while pulling the sensitive skin around the eyes. And over time, this area may become saggy and wrinkled. In short, if you don’t want the skin around your eyes aging prematurely, you should immediately break with the habit of rubbing your eyes.

Gently exfoliate

Although the skin around the eyes is very fragile, you still need to exfoliate this area to stimulate skin regeneration, firmer, smoother, and stop the appearance of wrinkles. You can use a specialized product, or simply use the gentle exfoliating product you are using.

However, you should note that it is not advisable to use granular exfoliating for the skin around the eyes because this product is natural to scratch, damage and skin aging quickly.

Moisturize the skin around the eyes

Moisture deficiency is also one of the leading causes of skin folds or sagging skin around the eyes. This is why you need to add an eye cream to the process to help moisturize and tighten the skin around the eyes so that wrinkles will not appear.

Revealing that you should favor eye creams containing ingredients that improve the skin, anti-aging climaxes such as a peptide, hyaluronic acid or retinol.

Protect the skin around the eyes from the sun

Sunlight not only destroys collagen but also accelerates aging, and this is true for the skin around the eyes. Therefore, you must apply sunscreen to this area of ​​skin, including eye bags, eyelids, and eyelids. To be more secure in anti-aging, you need to wear big sunglasses to protect your eyes.

When do you often squint? That is when walking in the sun. Movement of the muscles around the eyes can lead to the formation of crow’s feet. Always carry a pair of sunglasses to keep the skin around the eyes from wrinkling due to mechanical reasons. Also, have your eyesight often checked because when you don’t see well and often squint. This is the leading cause of wrinkles.

Moisturize the skin near the eyes

If you want effective anti-aging for your skin, start with a moisturizer aged 20 and older, intensified in the 25s, and never forget it when you’re over 30.

In the absence of moisture, the skin becomes even drier and highlights streaks, grooves, and fine lines. Therefore, you should use some unique moisturizing formulas for sensitive skin around the eyes such as tea bags, cucumbers, or cold milk.

Use eye cream


Massaging the skin around the eyes stimulates blood circulation, speeds up the process of skin regeneration, restores damaged skin cells, and relaxes after a tiring day at work.

Every day, before going to bed or after stressful working hours, gently use your middle finger to pat from the inside out the tail of your eyes for 5 minutes.

Final words

If you want to be more refreshed and leave the skin around the eyes more beautiful, alert, more flexible after a long hard day, cover it with chilled cucumber (iced).

Also, stay away from stimulants or limit your prolonged exposure to the computer. If you are constantly in contact with your computer or work, reduce the brightness of the computer

Above are the steps in the eye care process to support anti-aging, wrinkles, and dark circles. You should apply daily to achieve quick effects.

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