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The hottest lipsticks 2020

Meta: Lipstick is an indispensable beauty tool for all girls. Just a little lipstick,
your face can be fresh and beautiful immediately

Key: Lipstick

Korean 3CE lipstick

3CE is a Korean cosmetics company. They are famous for many different product
lines such as lipstick, eyeshadow, mineral spray, etc. The lipsticks of the company
are divided into many different lip lines and famous for hard lipsticks. Some 3ce
lipsticks have created a craze such as 3CE Matte Lip Color, 3ce pencil lipsticks,
etc and recently 2 lipsticks from this brand continue to be popular: 3ce Lily
Maymac Matte Lip Color and 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color.

3CE are famous for many different product lines such as lipstick, eyeshadow, mineral spray, etc

Velvet Bourjois lipstick

The second lipstick on this list is Velvet Bourjois. As long as you mention matte
cream lipsticks, I am sure that many people will immediately think of Velvet
lipstick. Although the matte cream line has been around for a long time with well-
known lipstick brands like NYX
When referring to Velvet Bourjois, it is an inexpensive lipstick that is not a high-
end lipstick but has the quality of high-end lipstick. If you have ever used Velvet
cream lipstick, you can see that the lipstick is very smooth when it dries, it will
create a velvet-like matte lipstick effect, especially we can freely eat and drink
without worrying about the lipstick drift
The Bourjois Velvet lipstick palette so far is only 17 lipstick colors, not as bulky as
Mac lipstick but enough for you to choose the most beautiful Velvet lip colors, the
most satisfactory from dark tone lipsticks to lipstick with gentle nude tone

Mac lipstick

Although it has been appearing for a long time on the market, until now, the
lipstick named Mac has always been the number 1 choice of many girls. Not only
personally, but perhaps you too, we love Mac lipstick because it has many types of
lipstick, rich Mac lipstick palette for us to choose from. No matter who you are, no
matter how difficult you are, I am sure that with just one use and feel, you can love
Mac for the rest of your life. Not only is it attractive by its noticeable appearance,
but you'll also love it, even more, when the Mac is an unleaded lipstick.

Espoir lipstick

Espoir lipstick is divided into several lip lines such as M, S, G series in which each
line has its own color palette to choose from. Espoir is a matte lipstick that
contains mild care. If you compare the Espoir M's lipstick line, it will be quite
similar to Mac Matte lipstick (but Mac lipstick contains less balm).
Son Espoir has the same price as Mac lipstick.

Signature Espoir lipsticks are sold at a higher price. The selling price in Korea is
about 23,000 won.

Espoir lipstick is divided into several lip lines such as M, S, G series

Changmakeup’s OFELIA NIGHTFALL lipstick

OFELIA NIGHTFALL is one of the debut products of the famous Beauty Blogger
Changmakeup. It was born in December 2016. Immediately after being opened for
sale, this lipstick quickly sold out, Ofelia website was overloaded due to a large
amount of traffic.

OFELIA NIGHTFALL lipstick is a matte lipstick and contains a light moisturizer,
so it will not dry out when used. So if you're a fan of hard lipstick, then feel free to
try it out. However, the ability to hold the color is also limited because the lipstick
contains nutrients, the average color retention time of OFELIA NIGHTFALL
lipstick is about 4-5 hours if you do not eat. While you eat, lipstick will still cling
to the glass of the cup and bowl and drift away from a small portion inside the lips.

Peripera Ink Velvet lipstick

Peripera Ink Velvet is a matte lipstick from the brand Peripera. Peripera Ink Velvet
lipstick has an outer shell design like a pretty little ink bottle. Compared to the
matte lipstick of Velvet lipstick, Peripera Ink Velvet has a more liquid lipstick.

The ability to stick to the color of this lipstick is very good, the average color
sticking time of the lipstick is from 7-8h. When eating, the outer layer of lipstick
will cling to the walls of the cup and bowl, but the matte lipstick will stick on your
lips, so you can comfortably eat and drink. The lipstick palette has a total of 9
colors, of which some are the most favorite such as 01,02,05,06,09.

All in all, let's beautify now with them

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