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How can women reduce anxiety and stress?

Everyone experiences anxiety and stress in their life. You can’t prevent it but you can always relieve those feelings by natural remedies. 

#1: Write an article or a dairy

Writing is a good way for you to reduce anxiety. When you write about something, your mind focuses on the topic, but not the anxiety feeling, which will make it feel more manageable. For teens, creative writing may help them to manage anxiety better.

#2: Exercise everyday

Anxiety and stress are so common that you can have those feelings daily. Exercise is a great way to reduce anxious energy, and researches have shown that it works with anxiety caused by stressful circumstances. For example, when people quit smoking, they tend to develop anxiety, and in this circumstance, exercise can benefit them. However, we need more research of higher quality to know how effective it is.

Exercise everyday can help with anxiety

#3: Meditation can help with anxiety

For those women who are thinkers, meditating daily can help to slow racing thoughts. As a result, you will feel easier to manage stress and anxiety. There are a lot of meditation styles, you can try mindfulness or if you love yoga, meditating during yoga can help. In fact, meditation based on mindfulness has been a popular therapy. It works effectively for people with disorders which relate to mood and anxiety.

#4: Aromatherapy

You will be amazed at how soothing plant oils can help to ease stress and anxiety. However, some scents work for one, but not the others, so you can experiment with various options. Lavender seems to be the most helpful. There is a study showing that aromatherapy with lavender may reduce the heart rate in the short term. It is also effective to ease sleep issues in the long term.

#5: Do more relaxation exercises

When people feel anxiety, they tend to unconsciously tense the muscles and sometimes clench the jaw. To help with this, you can lie in a comfortable position and slowly relax each muscle group. These are progressive relaxation exercises. You can start with the toes and then the shoulders and jaw.

#6: Have proper time management strategies

If you have too many commitments at the same time, you might feel anxious. Especially women who are involved in family, work, and health-related activities. To get rid of anxiety, you need to make a plan for the necessary action. With an effective time management strategy, you will be focusing on one task at a time. You can try online calendars to resist the urge to multitask. Or if you have a huge project which might take time to finish, break it down into small steps so that you can accomplish those tasks with less stress.

#7: Use Cannabidiol oil

You can use CBD oil to reduce stress and anxiety

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from the cannabis plant. But it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol which creates a “high” so it is safe for anyone to use. You can buy CBD oil without a prescription in many healthcare shops, especially when you want to get rid of anxiety and panic. Doctors can be able to prescribe the oil in areas where medical marijuana is legal.

#8: Drink herbal teas

Herbs are good for your health in general. And herbal teas can help reduce anxiety and ease sleep. Even when you make tea and drink it, it is soothing. Some teas like chamomile can change the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

#9: Add herbal supplements

Similar to herbal teas, plenty of herbal supplements can help with anxiety and stress. However, you need to talk with a doctor who has strong knowledge about herbal supplements to know their potential interactions with other drugs before using.

#10: Spend time with animals

Having a pet (dog, cat or any animal) is like having a friend that offers companionship, love, and support. It is not just about having a pet to play with when you go home after work, but animals do help people with mental health issues, including anxiety and stress. You might have your favourite animal, but they have to be furry to help you with anxious feelings, especially the one associated with trauma. 

If you have tried these natural remedies, but they can’t help you reduce anxiety and stress, make sure you see a doctor and get your therapy.

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