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Noteworthy beauty trends in 2020

Meta: The growing development of science and technology has a significant impact on the new beauty trends worldwide in 2020.

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2020 is a year of sustainable skincare trends. Beauty products not only meet the basic needs of beautiful skin, but technology application is also only effective when bringing healthy skin from the inside out.

Microbiome – The trend of beauty is booming

Throughout 2019, the number of searches for the keyword “Microbiome” increased by 110%.

That proves the interest of users for this concept. Microbiome – the technology of the skin microflora – is no longer a distant concept for people who care about their health and beauty. There are trillions of organisms on the surface of our skin, none of us having the same microflora. Research on the skin microflora is therefore considered the way to healthy skin.

Throughout 2019, the number of searches for the keyword “Microbiome” increased by 110%

Scientists have mentioned Microbiome for the past 10 years and have been growing through the product line to market. Specifically, scientists have found a way to nourish microbiome strains that are beneficial to the body. As the development of beneficial microorganisms will contribute to competition and inhibition of harmful and dangerous microorganisms for the body. As a result, 2019 marks the presence of the new generation Lancôme skin lotion Advanced Génifique.

The intersection between beauty and mental health

The application of Microbiome and the trend of Vegan Beauty in skincare is a testament to how beauty and health are closely related. The message of beauty in this day and age gradually comes to holiness in both beauty and health. The tips on how to take care of yourself receive a lot of attention and acceptance with an increasing search rate on the internet. In 2020, the new beauty trend is expected to take beauty care products including the ability to soothe the spirit to new heights.

The millennials’ buying habits are said to be increasingly concerned with beauty products that include psycho-soothing therapies according to a Fashionista magazine report in 2019. Accordingly, the younger generation prefers cosmetic brands to give them moments of relaxation, the opportunity to open up senses through beauty products that support physical, mental and emotional health.

Revlon x Gurls Talk is a collection of three brightly colored colors representing three important issues for women when being included in non-judgmental discussions: mental health, sexuality, and social media. The message from the Revlon brand in the Revlon x Gurls Talk collection – the combination of Revlon and its brand ambassador – Adwoa Aboah more or less expresses the development trend of beauty brands in the near future.

Adwoa Aboah said of this limited collection: “This natural partnership will bring conversations about the positivity of the body, about women’s health and mental health – and I hope Hope to continue this conversation for the rest of my life ”. The kit comes from this special collection that includes nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow or lip gloss, exclusively under the direction of Aboah.

Mindful Mani

This is a self-care campaign with the desire to create a time for oneself to be born when the concept of “Mindfulness” is added to the list of young people with special attention. This campaign was launched by Treatwell – a beauty services company in the UK in Mental Health Awareness Month and received significant success. In addition to nail salon appointments, Treatwell statistics show that the demand for massage services is up 40% year on year, proving that today’s users are willing to pay more for their skincare services.

This campaign was launched by Treatwell – a beauty services company in the UK 

Anti-pollution skincare

If sun protection lessons have been popular in our beauty stories ever since we were little boys, nowadays, anti-pollution skincare is becoming such an important trend. Using anti-pollution products in the skincare cycle is not just part of sales campaigns from cosmetics giants. Anti-pollution skincare products gradually become an indispensable prerequisite in the context of increasingly polluted environment. The latest statistics show that up to 91% of the world’s population is living in the air environment exceeding the limits allowed by the World Health Organization. 4.2 million deaths each year from exposure to polluted outdoor air.

The development of skincare equipment

Personal beauty devices are increasingly intelligent. The explosion of skincare on a large scale opened many other treatments for the skin. The global beauty equipment market is growing with the inventions from the industry giants. However, technology devices are not just for independent skincare.

For example, L’Oréal Cosmetics Group. They have been pursuing technological research for many years, L’Oréal launches wearable pH monitoring devices in 2019. L’Oréal says different skin pH levels can cause the skin to become inflamed, such as indigo and dry. The company wants dermatologists to use data on this new device to plan health plans and empower users to learn about their own skin.

Are you ready for these trends?

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